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ColorPoint Manager is our 'in-house' developed management software package, which combines maximum functionailty with ease-of-use. Networking with the Rexson dispensing system it controls, tracks and reports on all aspects of a busy ink room or paint production facility.

Available in two formats: ink management system and paint or batch management system

ColorPoint Manager also interfaces with external packages. such as Spectro equipment (eg Xrite, Datacolor, etc) and customer business systems (eg SAP or Oracle) for seamless data sharing.

ColorPoint Manager features a user friendly tabular format, allowing easy navigation and operation of the powerful management software functions.

ColorPoint Manager uses drag & drop functionality. This feature makes adding or adjusting files, such as Formulas and Works Orders, very quick and easy.

ColorPoint Manager runs on Windows utilising the powerful Microsoft SQL Server database. ColorPoint manager is ideal for networking across wide area networks with multiple users.

ColorPoint Manager is also used to run our manual weighing system (see right) called the CheckWeigh. The CheckWeigh shares all the management and software features of a fully automated dispensing system.

Rexson also undertake custom enterprise software development projects.


Six Reasons to choose Rexson Software

ColorPoint Manager (CPM) is written in-house using the latest tools and techniques. Development language is C# with .NET framework.

Six Reasons to choose Rexson Software

The Rexson software team has over 100 years collective experience in developing and supporting software systems. They understand your business and can apply experience to deliver the results you require.

Six Reasons to choose Rexson Software

Rexson software offers excellent connectivity across networks and the cloud to other systems, locations and factories. It is a regular requirement for Rexson to interface with customer MRP/ERP business systems.

Six Reasons to choose Rexson Software

Rexson software can interface with spectro systems to originate formulas, correct batches, bulk-up and work off waste etc. Rexson have several ways of working with spectro systems, to suit a customers process.

Six Reasons to choose Rexson Software

Our software team undertake high-level enterprise software development for other clients. This external exposure enables us to bring fresh thinking into our dispensing software systems.

Six Reasons to choose Rexson Software

ColorPoint Manager (CPM) is a fully comprehensive software package that is constantly evolving as it gets exposed to new customers and their specific requirements and requests. This evolution constantly improves the already class leading capabilities of our software.

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