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Rexson ColorWeigh 40

ColorWeigh™ refers to our moving head range of paint dispensing systems - whereby the dosing valves are mounted on a mechanism that moves along a single axis, to position the appropriate valve at a central dosing point, above the dispensing vessel.

Primary advantages of this technology is the ability for the dispenser to dose a large number of ingredients to a very high accuracy, at high speed, across a wide range of batch volumes.

The ColorWeigh40 is available in ATEX configuration for 'zone1' hazardous area installation.

The ColorWeigh 40 uses 8-stage dosing valves, for maximum control over the speed and precision of fluid delivery. This insures optimal production speed and accuracy of colour batches, tints and blends.

Rexson ColorWeigh 40 machines can dispense up to 40 components, to +/-0.1gram, into a variety of vessels including -

  • 'in can' into customer 5L, 10L & 20L cans
  • mid size vessels i.e. 205L barrels
  • bulk mixing vessels i.e. 250L to 1,000L

paint dispenser savings

Six Reasons to choose Rexson ColorWeigh 40

Up to 40 dispensing valves deliver fast and precise dispensing into small & intermediate container sizes from a central dosing position. These valves are multi-lift, dual nozzle dispense valves providing fast and controlled product delivery. Typical repeatability is 0.1gram.

Six Reasons to choose Rexson ColorWeigh 40

The central dosing point allows for dispensing into small cans. The central dosing point features an automated brushwash system, for continuous cleaning of valve nozzles, ensuring trouble free and accurate dispense valve operation.

Six Reasons to choose Rexson ColorWeigh 40

The ColorWeigh 40 dispenser can be fed from a variety of storage containers, to suit your production requirments. These can range from pails and canisters, up to drums, totes and bulk storage tanks.

Six Reasons to choose Rexson ColorWeigh 40

The ColorWeigh 40 operator control panel is an ATM style console, which operators can quickly master with little or no training. Operator ID and security access is set by RFID keys so logging of operator actions and selection is automatic.

Six Reasons to choose Rexson ColorWeigh 40

Interface with spectro systems, for the automated receipt of new formulas and recipes, or correction data for dispensed batches. Also interface with ERP or MRP systems (i.e. SAP) allowing for the seamless transfer of production data to and from the dispenser.

Six Reasons to choose Rexson ColorWeigh 40

The ColorWeigh 40 can be complemented with continuous feed conveyor lines featuring automated bucket label barcode scanning, mixing or shaking, labelling units and lidding stations, etc.

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