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Rexson ColorPoint

ColorPoint™ is a revolutionary development in ink dispensing system & paint dispensing system technology.

The unique ColorPoint dispenser technology makes the machine intuitive to use, requiring little or no operator training, whilst delivering the savings, reports & controls customers demand.

The ColorPoint  dispensing machine is robust, extremely reliable and virtually maintenance free.

The ColorPoint dispenses up to 32 products, typically into buckets and/or barrels. Choose from 'safe area' or ATEX models. 


The ColorPoint dispensing system offers an unrivalled blend of technology, reliability and ease of use – delivering payback often measured in months, not years!

ColorPoint will provide:
  • Just in time colour
  • Right first time colour
  • Just enough colour
  • Work off return or waste into new blends quickly & easily
  • Track every kg of color dispensed to every job or batch
  The ColorPoint dispenser is flexible and easily configurable to suit your needs. Typical applications include -
  • waterbased ink dispensing
  • solvent ink dispensing 
  • paste ink dispensing
  • paint & coating dispensing
  • dye & stain dispensing
  • adhesive dispensing 
  • gelcoat dispensing
  • colourant dispensing

Six Reasons to choose Rexson ColorPoint

The ColorPoint operator control console provides intuitive simple ATM style operation, removing the need for skilled or computer literate operators.

Six Reasons to choose Rexson ColorPoint

Each operator or shift will have dedicated ID keys. These keys instantly set access levels and will track user operations and selections.

Six Reasons to choose Rexson ColorPoint

Label printing and barcode reading options for the the quick ID of dispensed ink and press-returned ink buckets. Bucket label scanning can also be integrated into an automated conveyor system. Scan, dispense, mix and lid!

Six Reasons to choose Rexson ColorPoint

ColorPoint networks to the state-of-the-art ColorPoint Manager administration and reporting software. ColorPoint Manager is written and supported in-house by our own dedicated software team.

Six Reasons to choose Rexson ColorPoint

Your ColorPoint can interface with spectophotometer systems, for the automated receipt of new formulations, or correction data for dispensed batches.

Six Reasons to choose Rexson ColorPoint

Your ColorPoint can interface with customer ERP systems, such as SAP, Oracle or any other business system. This allows the seamless transfer of production data to the dispenser, and back. This interface boosts efficiency and saves needless data re-entry.

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