Special Developments

In addition to our ColorPoint Manager administration software package, which was developed for the control, tracking and reporting of all aspects of a busy ink room or batch production system, Rexson also undertake custom development of solutions for our customers.
These solutions are often web based and interact closely with existing customer business systems (e.g. SAP) and can include online ordering, management and data sharing functions.

Rexson Software Case Study - Select™

ColorMatrix Group Inc is a global innovator of liquid colorant, additive and dosing technologies for the plastics industry.

One of the company’s latest innovations is Select™, a rapid online colour match prediction and delivery system for its advanced liquid colorants. Rexson developed and support this web based system that is simple and easy to use and enables ColorMatrix’s customers to accelerate their colour development process and order their colorant products directly online for express delivery.

Click here to view video presentation of ColorMatrix Select