Paste Inks

Rexson supply high viscosity ink dispensing systems for blending offset paste inks. Rexson can pump and dispense conventional oil based inks, UV & EB cured inks and plastisols. Rexson paste ink dispensing machines are typically used at an inkmakers production plant or distribution depot, to blend and mix custom ink colours, for rapid supply to customers. Larger printing factories may also utilise an automatic paste ink dispenser in their ink kitchen, to mix custom line & spot colour inks, on a 'just-in-time' basis.

Rexson have systems dispensing offset, litho, intaglio, security and low migration ink types. Rexson paste ink dispensers can be configured to fill directly into vac-pack tins and small ink pots, and/or into larger mixing vessels. Our paste ink dispensers can blend multiple ink technologies with no risk of cross contamination.

Rexson paste ink dispensing valves feature dual nozzles for quick and accurate dispensing. Each nozzle utilises an 'air knife' to help cut the ink from the nozzle - especially useful on stringy or tacky inks. Click this link to see our paste ink dispense valves in operation.

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Rexson ColorPoint

Advanced fluid dispensing system, with up to 32 ingredient capacity. Suitable for dispensing water, oil and solvent based liquids and pastes.

Rexson Software

ColorPoint Manager advanced administration and reporting software